Lots to Shop!

 Lots of new stuff! Lots of new Vendors! Lots of new stores!!!

Our goal is to create a fun environment for our vendors and local community to host a value added market which delivers great value for all. 

Make Bob and Belkis, Owners of B & B Hidden Treasures, your Flea market destination!

935 Pondella Road North Fort Myers, FL 33903

Here are some of the treasures you will find: Furniture, Clothes, Crafts, Antiques, Books, Record Albums, Dvd's, Statues, Pictures, Jewelry, Toys, Collectables, Novelty Gifts, Fun-Party Gifts, Aquatic Plants, Affordable Website Services, Computer Services and MORE!!!

New arrival to our family

B & B is pleased to welcome a few more new vendors to our family. ************ Happy Little Corner Boutique ~ Room #401. They have a mixture of old and new, very inexpensive and priced to sell. Come see the vintage items along with the new items.********* Bark and Meow and feathered friends too ~ Room #103. They are a pet rescue shoppe dedicated to helping those who care for animals. Low cost pet supplies, emergency food and spay/neuter/shots. ******* SWFL Best Deals, Room #302 ******** FP ~ Darts and Billiards ~ Room #106. They have the largest selection of darts and billiards accessories in the Lee County area

Come See What Treasures We Have Today!!!

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